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creating HEX lookup table



iam trying to create a lookup table for HEX values but the LUT is taking only decimal values.... here is the problem


Iam getting HEX data from a serial port...........Now with respect this data i have to compare with the LUT and has to display the respective data(result)



LOOKUP TABLE should be like this


LUT X                 X data

00                       1435.0

01                       1435.5

02                        1436.0








C7                      1534.5

C8                      1535.0


some 200 values.................


now from serial port say C7 is coming ,,,,,,its has to compare with the LUT(200 values) and has to display its corresponding value which 1534.5


please tell me how i have to approach this?????????? now iam using control design and simulation toolkit also(in this LUTs of 1D,2D,3D are avaliable)



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Multiply all of your X data by ten (store 1435.5 as 14355) then divide by ten when you take it out.


I'm only familiar with LUTs in FPGA programming (I have at least one week of experience doing this), and don't have either toolkit at home.  Hope this helps.



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