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create a logger from measure-code



I have a main-code for conductivity measuring. (AnalogDevice- Evaluation CN-0349-Kit)

Its very good and cheap solution for a "conductivity-meter".


I would like the measuring beginn every minute (for example) automaticall and consulution the program should also save the log.


But I do not get get the adjustment.

Its a adjustment a major programming task?
My "solutions"(try) with a simple counter and a puls-generator on the "measure-button" were unsuccessful.



Can someone help me? (with tips/tricks/solutions, or ,or, or)




Best regards


Christian D.





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Oh, my, you are trying to rewrite "Demo Software" provided by a vendor who may or may not know how to write good LabVIEW code, and you want to try to fix it?  And you are not a LabVIEW expert (or, at least, up to CLAD or CLD level)?


You may consider some advice I've been know to give when confronted with undocumented, difficult-to-read code -- "Start Over".  [I do realize this is probably not practical in your case, so here's a different piece of advice -- Find (or Hire) a LabVIEW Guru].


Bob Schor

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Hello Bob...,

thanks for your answer.


I was hopping a "auto-mesure" is easy to implement in this software.

I thought a automaticly start (every minute) is no big deal... but I have already noticed the contary... 😞


I think it's ever good that you say difficult-to-read code...I thought just me was going there.

short info  about the program:

- with this program and corresponding modules can measure conductivity




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I believe its possible without guru-crafts... ;:)

but my experience not enough... 😞


actuate automatic or periodic  the measure-button:

If I select property "Value Signal" that then is the push automatic...or?


I get this only with ERROR-Massage (not wired...)


It should be possible??!! 😕


Can someone help me or try the variant ?




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Crosspost in German LabVIEWForum…

Best regards,

using LV2011SP1 + LV2017 (+LV2020 sometimes) on Win10+cRIO
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