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convert storage refnum to TDMS file refnum

hii guys,

I am using  express VIs  for TDMS files and   also the traditional TDMS VIs.

The Express VIs eg "Open Data Storage"   generates  Storage Refnum.  whereas the TDMS VIs use File Refnum.

how do I  Convert the Refnum   to be used between both.






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You can use Refnum to Path function available in functions pallet >>File IO>>Advance File Function >> Refnum to Path

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I have to use the TDMS and the data Storage functions Intermittently  as I need   the Set Channel Properties  Box from Data Storage for my TDMS file also I need the TDMS Write as I have it used in many VIs . The reference cant be shared between these 2  thats the Issue.






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I am not sure about your requirement clearly.

TDM—The TDM file format saves the raw data that the measurement hardware acquires and the meta data in separate files.

TDM Streaming (TDMS)—The TDMS file format saves both the raw data and the meta data in the binary format in one file with the .tdms extension.

You can use either of them to store measurement data.

-What i don't get is what is the format you stored your data? When you choose one format why do you want to open it with another format?

-The reference cannot be be shared because the inputs are of different types it's like connecting apples to oranges.

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aparab wrote:  as I need   the Set Channel Properties  Box from Data Storage for my TDMS file

Just use the TDMS Set Properties instead.  No more need for the Data Storage VIs.

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