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convert scientific string to number ?????

Could anybody tell me how I can convert a scientific string to a number ( for ex : String 7.4E-1 to 0.74 )  ? 
Any help would be great !
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Try this. 7.0 format. This vi is located in the All functions, String, String/number conversion on the block diagram.
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Hi Unclebump,


Thanks for ur answer, it works fine.



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I have the same problem here, but this example does not work.
The number I try to convert ifor example is 2.78242e-03, and the answer it gives me is 2
I tried to change the precision of the indicator to the 10th digid, and tried different format modes but it does not work.
Can somebody help??
I have another issue of the same kind. I am trying to convert a fractional number to string, but it does not work.
For example I input a DBL value 2, divide it by 1000. The result shown is 0,002. Then I try to convert this to a string and the answer is " 0, ".  What I need to get as a result when I convert it to string is "0.002"
I think I have some problems with those "," and "." dividing the fractions but I cannot figure it out. I also tried to change my windows setting to have a default value "." which is separating them but it does not work out. 
I am using MathLab 8.5
Please help.
Thank you for your responses.
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Hi andreevz,

if i use the before attached example and insert you example number, it works fine for me. I work with a point as decimal seperator.


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Sorry for troubling guys.
A good old fashioned restart fixed the problem fine Smiley Happy
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Hi andre,

you can override system settings using special format codes in string conversions!

To convert a string to number like your example "2.78242e-03" you should use "%.;%f" as format string for "scan from string".
The same format string
"%.;%f" will give the desired result when using "Format into string" and a value of 0,002...

When changing system settings you have to restart LabView, not the whole (Windows) system...

Message Edited by GerdW on 04-02-2008 12:02 PM
Best regards,

using LV2016/2019/2021 on Win10/11+cRIO, TestStand2016/2019
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Hai andreevz,
I tried the same with the given example. Its perfectly working without any problem for your first query. The thing is if u give a comma "," then it will just return the numbers before the decimal point. Here in this case it will give 2. If u give a dot "." then it will return the full value. That is result will be 0.00278242
Next, how u convert that value to a string? could u post ur code? so we will work it out easily.
Thanks and Regards,
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Thanks for all the responses people.

This forum is really great.

I already fixed the problem. I believe it was a problem with my regional settings, and when I change them and restarted LabView everything came in order. I am using the simplest functions you can find in LabView, such as convert string to fract/exp number, and convert fract number to string.

Thanks again. Later I will have more questions as I am building my first program by myself and up to now it is working almost fine 😉 

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