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convert binary signal to numbers

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Hi All,


I have been searching and I can't find a simular solution to this issue, so I hope somone can help me. It is probably pretty simple, but as I am new to Labview, it takes some time for me to get used to the programming language.



I have a custom built rotating selector valve with 16 positions. The valve has 5 inductive sensors mounted to a rotating plate with holes drilled for positions.

With 4 sensors there is a binary code created for the 16 positions.


v1 v2  v3  v4

1   1   1   1   pos 1

0   1   1   1   pos 2

1   0   1   1   pos 3

0   0   1   1   pos 4

1   1   0   1   pos 5

0   1   0   1   pos 6

1   0   0   1   pos 7

0   0   0   1   pos 8


and so on..


The fifth sensor is (1) when the valve is rotating and (0) when the valve is in a position.



What I am building with LV is a monitoring system for this valve.

How can I use the 5 digital inputs(simulated with boolean switch) into labview and convert it to a numeric indicator for the position of the valve?




I hope someone can guide me in the right direction with this issue.


Thank you.  

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Hi LeifJoh,

do you know the function "boolean array to number"?

Is this what you need?



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Accepted by topic author LeifJoh

here is a solution

put it together into in an array, invert it, convert it to a number, add 1, DONE 😉


the red dot could be avoided, but that is your homework now 🙂


Greetings from Germany

LV since v3.1

“ground” is a convenient fantasy

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Thanks Henrik and Mike. Very simple problem but, it takes some time getting used to the block diagram for me 🙂

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