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controling the mouse and keyboard from vi while used by another program?

I would like to control the external application (written in
Visual C) by means of labview. The problem is that I have a
software controling a production line. In one measurement session
only couple of activities have to be done by the operator, but
those sessions can be 200 in measurement process. Those
activities are mostly managed by clicking the mouse and pressing
the keyboard (in the same way).
So I want to build some automatisation program, which will
replace the operator in the right time, when is not much to do
appart from simple clicking. So my question is:
how can I control mouse and keyboard from the vi, when another
program whish to take it over.
I remember in Win 31, there was
a nice program called "recorder"
or something like this. It allows to record some standard
activities to be performed every time. Is this possible using
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You should be able to make Windows API function calls from LabVIEW to control the mouse and keyboard. Here are a couple links to check out:

Keyboard Utilities for Capturing Keystrokes

Windows API Function Utilities (32-bit) for LabVIEW

There is a ton of information on the web about this subject that you can search for as well.
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