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control latching solenoid



I am looking for guidance in controlling a latching solenoid valve via Labview. Here is the spec sheet for the solenoid:


Lee Co. LHLX0500300B


It requires a short (10ms maximum) pulse to actuate at +/- 5V. I haven't picked my NI hardware yet but I know I can generate the +/- 5V with many of the devices NI offers. I will also have access to a serial port on the computer and can probably use that (correct?). The part I don't know how to control is the duration of the pulse. Any ideas? Will I need to use a circuit that is controlled via Labview?





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You probably also need an amplifier.  The solenoid is specified to require 5.5 mW-s to switch states.  You indicated that you will have 10 ms pulse width at 5 V.


0.0055 (Ws)/ 0.01 s = 0.55 W.   0.55 W/5 V = 0.11 A. Most DAC devices cannot produce 110 mA through the analog outputs.  You may also need protective diodes.



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