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control labview remotely

I am in the process of designing a home automation software program using labview.  I don't know a lot about networking so I need some help.  I have digital IO boards that I want to contol a relay bank to control my home equipment, that part I know how to do.  Right now I can use remote desktop connection to control my VI running on another computer.  What I want is to have one computer running my main program and contolling my digital IOs.  I want to be able to see this VI running in real time and contol it from anywhere on any computer which should be possible.  I think if I have the main computer be a server computer running server 2003 I think it has its own kind of remote desktop connection.  What I don't like about using remote desktop connection is when you log into the other computer it logs that computer off.  I want to be able to see what is happening in real time.  So I could be standing beside the server computer running the VI and log onto it with my wireless laptop and watch live as I turn on different digital outputs.  Does this seem possible?  I know of a guy that was really good with PLCs and he had PLCs running his entire house with live video and everything.  He could get online and control the PLC from anywhere in the world.  He is from Ohio teaching a class in St. Louis and he logged onto his computer in Ohio and could see inside his house on video cameras and turn his lights on and off.  That is what I want to do but no one knows how to do it.  I want to do what this guy did but I want to use labview and digital IO instead of a PLC because it is more versatile. 
Does anyone have any good ideas or even any sites or anything that could help me.  I can't even find any good info on how to use a usb video camera in Labview.  This shouldn't be that hard, I should be able to buy a generic usb video camera from best buy and bring it home and see live video on my VI panel in no time.
Any info is appreciated.
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What you want to do is look at the Web Publishing Tool under the Tools menu.  With this, other PC's can connect to your server PC through remote panels.  They can request control of the Labview applicaiton.
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Hey, I am also doing the same project. Have you got any solution. If you have any can send me your VI. Otherwise contact me after few weeks as I am going to finish my project in 3 more weeks.So, I can send you my VI, hopefully I will complete by then.

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