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continues sound input with cont. signal


hello guys,
i'm ramdani,
i'm using labview 2014,

i have uploaded two video,

in the video cont sound input, 1 signal per sample
the signal is not continues, as you can see,
( i have used chart-update mode too, but no result)

in the video soundd file to sound output,
the signal is contionus,

so, i want make contionues signal in cont.sound input file,
how can i make it ???

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You get a much bigger chance for relevant help if you attach your VI(s)...

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And be sure to attach VIs, that is, files with the extension .vi.  If you attach a picture of part of your Block Diagram, this will not be that helpful to us in trying to help you.


Bob Schor

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sorry, i forgot to attact the file,
i using the example file in labview 2014 that i modified,
here's the file 🙂

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