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connecting omega TQ514 rotary torque sensor to NI 9411 and NI cDAQ 9178 for RPM measurement

Hi to all,

I have an omega TQ514 sensor and I want to connect it to NI 9411 and NI cDAQ 9178 for measuring RPM. My problem is I dont know the right connection for the encoder to NI 9411 and also the programming in labview. When i tried it says that I must add external clock source and I dont know where to get it?

The sensor has four wires, encoder power(+5V), encoder ground(GND), encoder lead(CW lead) and encoder trail( CW trail)

I'm new to NI and labview applications, Can somebody here has experience using the same set-up? 😞

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What kind of task are you trying to use to read the signal from this sensor?


Are you getting any errors with that message referencing the external clock?


It is not  clear to me from the document attached if the sensor is supposed to work in a differential way, but that is the kind of signals that the 9411 can read, so you would have to know what connections from the sensor would result in a differential signal.

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Hi Rich, thank you for your reply..My objective is to get the RPM, I try first to get the angular position of the encoder. The encoder has four wires, so maybe it is connected in RSE..This are the connections:

pin 1- encoder lead(CW lead)

pin 3- encoder trail (CW trail)

pin 4- +5V

pin12- encoder ground

I have attach my settings and the sensor manual..

Thank you so much for support

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It seems to me based on what is mentioned on the manual that you should connect the CW lead to the possitive termninal of the 9411, and as mentioned on the device manual ground the negative input to an analog signal ground.


I'm not sure if that is exactly what you are doing but it seems like this signals are single ended so you'd have to do this for them to be read as a differential signal.

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