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connect boolean to daqmx


I want to modify the example Voltage continuous input to be able to take a measure each n milliseconds. I make a timer who has a boolean output when the specified time was passed, how can I connect this boolean to trigger the measurement of the DAQmx trigger?

In the attached code there is a 'time interval' tab, which contains the timer I made. Thanks in advance.

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Your case structure only runs once.


It is very unusual to have a tab control actually connect to a case structure.  Tab controls are usually just a way to organize different views of sets of items for a user.  It is very uncommon for the value of the tab control to actually control program flow.


You seem to be missing the concept of how dataflow works. I would recommend looking at the online LabVIEW tutorials
LabVIEW Introduction Course - Three Hours
Learn LabVIEW


Then sit down and work out a flowchart as to how the various parts of your program would interact.

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I don't mind the tabs, that is inherited form the example VI, the point is to create time driven measurements in a controlled interval, without the use of an external physical element (the interval is set into the controlling computer). I'm trying this way because every other example I saw over there is using an external input to trigger the measurement and I don't want this.

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