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I'm using to condition biomechanical data and keep received an error 71: file datalog type conflict. I'm trying to condition .wav files (converted in I've done this many times before and never received this error. Any thoughts?

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The VIs you mention are complete mysteries and what you are converting to. I don't see how you can be helped with next to no real information.
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The error you mention is (as it says) a data type mismatch. What that means is that the VI writing the data is not using the same data format as the VI that is trying to read the file.

You see datalog files are a binary format so you have to know the exact format of the data in the file before you can read it.

Beyond these general comments, to give you specific help we need (as Dennis pointed out) to see what your code. The files you mentioned are not built-in VIs so we have no way of determining what they are doing.


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What changed since the last time it worked correctly?


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