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communication between VIs !

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Good morning 

from my vi, can I show my results in other vi ???


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Good afternoon

Yes, you can!


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tell me how please !! if there is an example i'll be thankful 

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The most common solution is to send a result as output so you'll get a wire with the result, just like the Add function has two wires in and one wire out with the result.

R-click the top right icon in the fron panel window and select Show Connector to create wire in's and out's.



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Accepted by topic author za3im_ensa

Check out the connector pane: here and here.


Once you've read this you should have cracked it, however, if it's stil not clicking, read it once more, then play around with what you've learned in LabVIEW!


In case I don't hear from you again, good morning, good evening and good night Smiley Tongue




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Here in Morocco we are in the morning 😛

any casen tkx for the help 😄

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