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colour in numeric array indicator cell according to value

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Is it possible to change the colour of the text in individual cells of a numeric display indicator dependent on the value of the numeric displayed in that cell.

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I am not sure if i understand your question. Do you want to color each DIGIT of a single numeric indicator individually depending on the digits value?

Or are you talking about different numeric indicators where all digits share the same color for each individual indicator depending on the total value in the individual indicator?



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I assume that the subject of your thread is part of the question, i.e. you have an array of numerics and you do want to change the colour of an individual array element (depending on its value).

That is not possible, all elements of an array do share the same properties.


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The colour of all in the text in a cell would be the same, but the colour of the text in a cell would change accordiung to inte numeric value. For example:

                < -40 : RED

        -40 to -20  : ORANGE

       -20 to +30 : GREEN

      +30 to +60 : ORANGE

              > +60 : RED


Then dependent of the numeric values of each cell, some cells would have text or background RED, some would be ORANGE and some would be GREEN

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Accepted by topic author IanLuck

You can use list box instead of array indicators. You can change each cell property individually.


The best solution is the one you find it by yourself
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You could also use an array of clusters. Each cluster would contain a string indicator made transparent and a color box indicator behind the string indicator. You write the text to the string indicator and the color to the color box indicator.


Be aware that if any of your users are color blind they will find black text on a red background very difficult to read.



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Thanks for the suggestion.

With the multicolun list box, I can colour the individual cells just as I wish.

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