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Does anyone know how to make this example Example-Alarm Slide Control?
I found this one from the "find example" function in HELP.
From the description,:
The color of this slide changes depending on its value. To set levels and colors, pop up on the digital display or on the narrow color border around the slide, and select Show -> Ramp and Show -> Color Array. Click on the level values and color boxes to change them. You should not resize this slide.
The minimum and maximum alarm levels should be the same as the minimum and maximum of the slide's scale.
Description of how this control was made:
This alarm slide was made in the Control Editor. The digital display of a fill slide was replaced with a color ramp. The slide's housing is transparent, the fill color is gray, and the fill style is Fill to Max. The color ramp is behind the slide's housing. If you resize the slide, you must also resize the color ramp in the Control Editor.
The color ramp was edited in a nested Control Editor. Its color array and ramp parts were moved, resized, colored transparent, and had pictures imported to customize their appearance.
The color ramp's pop-up menu is available from its digital display, below the slide, or from the narrow color border around the slide.
I don't really understand how to make my ramp "transparent", so why I put the slide and color ramp together, silde is covered by the ramp.
Is anyone can help me in the question? Thanks a lot.
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Yeah but its not easy =).  First you have to make sure and click in the right place (see picture one).  If you click on the ramp you will only get a ramp.  Right click on the slide and choose Advanced >> Customize.  From here you'll be in customize mode.  First resize the slide to desired diminsions and then click on the customize parts button and pop up the tools pallette (see picture two).  Make what you need transparent using the paint brush.  Then loop all the components of the slide (picture three) and move it over the ramp.  You will notice the ramp is in front of the slide.  Before anything is unselected move the slide to the front (move to front option from toolbar).  You can piddle with it until you have it where you want it.
When you leave the editor you can replace the original control and you also get the option to save it to disk...
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Couple of other pics in case you did not know how to set transparent or move items in front of others...
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Thank you so much, Chaos.

That is very nice of you to put those pictures with the description.


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Hi Please explain steps in details for Alarm slide control in LabVIEW.How to change level of slider in terms of color in digital display?
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Right click slider and select Scale -> Style -> no markers

Right click Color ramp and select Scale -> Style -> all markers (top left pict).

Then you can edit color ramp scale range (top, bottom limits) and colors, including intermediate (right click on scale marker and select color). 

Then hide ramp scale, show slider scale, match scales limits.

I would advise to play with color ramp separately first. It is in Classic -> Numeric. 

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