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color for each item ring

Is it possible to assign a different color for each item in a ring control ? See what I start in attached file.
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Depending on what is acceptable you could use a Text & Picture ring to assign each item a color -- this would not appear on the text itself, however.  You could also make your ring come out to a case structure that contained a property node and correct properties for each case (i.e. case Yellow sets the background property yellow, etc.).  See the example I added to yours.

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David C
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I would suggest using a Text&Pict ring instead of a typical ring.  You can then make the picture the color you want and the text you want.  To make it look like what you want customize the control to make the background of the text transparent and then overlay it on top of the picture.
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I have the version 8.0 can you save your Vi for my version.


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Attached is the LV 8.0 version.  I also added a control as described by Evan because I hadn't thought of it originally, but it is probably the best option -- it places text on color and doesn't require a loop to update.
David C
Applications Engineering
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If you setup an array of different colors for your Ring, you can change the colors on the fly. This does require that your program either uses a loop or an event structure, but that is pretty standard practice anyway.

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I can't look at the attached examples, but you can have a look at the example I did way back in this thread.

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