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chart absolute time

Hi, I lost my tick marks, Vertical grid and my date and times between the ends when I upgraded from Labview 6.1 to 2009.  I am plotting temperature over weeks at a time and I would like a tick mark and time and date to be displayed every 24 hours. I have tried everything to no avail

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I wanted to let you know that most of this can be configured be the properties window accessed by right-clicking on the chart. Here are a couple screenshots that show locations of your requested modifications.



Set date-time format.JPG


Grid Lines.JPG


In order to change the length of time plotted by the chart, you can select "chart history length" from that same right-click menu.

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Sorry I did not explain my problem.  See following.  The top is my chart using 6.1.  The bottom is my chart using 2009.  No matter how I format the X-Axis in 2009 I cannot get the time and dates to fill in as in 6.1.  Thank you for responding. I am looking forward to a fix. Thank you Ken

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I don't think you got the pics all send as attachment.

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That link generates an error.
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Yes that should work but it doesn't in 2009 for some reason. The top chart is 6.1 bottom is 2009.  If I don't format for absolute time, everything is fine.

 Charts with X-axis format problems.gif




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are you sure you have the x-axis selected.  Show a snip of the property page or attach the offending chart in a new vi

"Should be" isn't "Is" -Jay
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I have attached a vi with your suggested setting.  Could you please make this chart's X-axis look like the 6.1 chart and send it back to me.  I have searched many examples on your site and have not found one with the time and date "filled in" on the X-Axis.

Thanks for your help.


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