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changing case value during execution

can we change the "case selector" value in case structure during its execution???

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Sure you can...create a state machine. On the front panel select your "case selector" control and edit it by making a type def. Detach your wire from the case structure to the "case selector". Now put a while loop around your case structure. On the outside of your while loop connect your "case selector" (now a type def control) to the left side of your while loop. Right click the tunnel where it enters and change it to a shift register. Now wire this left shift register to your case structure. Copy your type def control and turn that into a constant. In each case determine what the next case should be and put this constant in the appropriate case and wire it out to the right side shift register. Now you just need to determine a method to stop your while loop. Maybe a stop case?

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There seems to be several parallel thread. Let's keep it all in one place from now on.

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