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change the size(height and widht) form a XY graph

I want to change automaticly the size of XY graph from his property node.
Which atribute i have to use to do it? I've tried with plot area but i want to resize the plot area and the rest of the block.
How i can do this?
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you can use Plot Area's Width and Height properties (see attachment) to resize the plot area, and when you resize the plot area, the object automatically resize

* I'm using LV 8 *

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But, does not the Plot area size property node resize the block as well in order to retain the ratio of plot are to block size??

You have mentioned that you have tinkered with it.

does it not suit your purpose?


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I want to determine the size of the object......sometimes the object size have to be 100x200 and sometimes 150x150.

I want to fix the object size.......not the plot area.....i don't know how i have to do.

The only way to resize i 've found is resizing the plot area but then the object resizes too and i can't fix its size.

How can i do ?



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so do you want to change the size of the whole object but NOT the plot area?
or do you want to change the size of the whole object and change the plot area along with that?
if you want to change the size of the whole object, i don't think there is a property to do the job.
if you only have 2 different sizes (100 x 100 and 150 x 150), you can go around it by creating both graphs, then Visible one or the other when needed, see attachment
** instead of using a control, you would just using a boolean to set the visible property of the graphs
for example: if (a == b) true to big graph, false to small graph....
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i want to change the size of the whole object.....i have more than two sizes.....i think create several objects is not a good solution.

I think that have to exist an atribute to change the size of the whole object, is not so strange...isn't it?





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I suppouse that this explanation resolves your question:

Bounds Property

Property of GObject.

Maximum bounding area of the object specified in terms of width and height in pixels. For a front panel object, this property returns the dimensions of the rectangle enclosing all the visible object components, such as the control, caption, label, graph legends, and so on.

You cannot use this property to change the size of an object. To change the size of an object programmatically, use more specific properties such as Text Width or Plot Area:Size.


The following table lists the characteristics of this property.

Settable when the VI is running No
Need to authenticate before use No
Loads the block diagram into memory No
Remote access disallowed No
Loads the front panel into memory No
Must wait until user interface is idle No
Available with control VIs No
Available with global VIs No
Available with strict type definitions Yes
Available with polymorphic VIs No
Available in Run-Time Engine and Real-Time Operating System Yes (Read Only)
Permissions Read Only

It's the same as on this document: (its for LV 4 but I tried in LV8 and bounds property is neither changeable).

So I think it is not possible to change an object dimensions but I give you a link that perhaps can help you (I had no time to look at it):




Jaime Cabrera

NI Applications Engineer






Jaime Cabrera

NI Applications Engineering Spain
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La verdad es que no ha resuleto la duda.Smiley Sad

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Plot Area:Bounds and Plot Area:Size are two different properties.


Plot Area:Size resizes the entire control.

Plot Area:Bounds resizes just the plot region.


For a nice example VI showing the resizing and letting you play with it dynamically:

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