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change table background colour

Hi all,currently i'm doing a alarm triggering project. when the RMS value taken from a system , it will be saved in a table and trigger an alarm if it reach alarm value(which user can define). i have manage to create the alarm. my question is, can we automatically change the font or the line of background colour of the table where the RMS value exported has reach more than the alarm value. you can refer to the VI attached.
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hi Ravens Fan, may i know where can i get those functions
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   select the property node for table and select the options active cell and cellBGcolor. 

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on activecell..
1. why when i create a constant and it can be connected.
2. how to connect a colour to the cell bg colour
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i have come to understand that the function mention is only to have the table with colour on a fix line. what i need is that if the table save a number let say more than 2, the line will be red. so any line on the table with RMS number more than 2 will have red background colour. thank you
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Hi hafizzudin,


you have to use a loop to check row by row. Set row's background color depending on alarm/RMS value...



- for bigger tables this may be a slow process. Don't do this as often as possible and use "DeferPanelUpdates"

- read the help for that property!


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hi GerdW, i'm sorry i cant imagine how to loop the property node to make it automatic detect about the RMS value and chnage its colour..can you show me a vi example
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You are making it much more difficult than it has to be. In your code, you have a number that you are generating. You would just do a comparison on that. No looping required. You would, however, need to know the line number of the table. That too is simple since it's a 2D array and the Array Size function will return the number of rows and columns.
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hi, it will be easy if the user knew which line that the RMS value will trigger the alarm. as an example the alarm level is at RMS=2. the line in the table that may contain number 2 or more will not be the same all the time. how can we make it automatically detect which if the line contain 2 or more, it will automatically change its colour.
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