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change table background colour

Hi hafizzuddin,


in your example you only add scalar values to the table, so it's easy to check the added value... (as told by Dennis)



A table is just a 2d array.  Just compare the column with RMS values to your limit and set the background color accordingly. Using a loop will help here...

Try it, show what you've done and ask when problems occur!

Best regards,
CLAD expired, using LV2011SP1 + LV2017 (+LV2019 sometimes) on Win7+cRIO
Kudos are welcome Smiley Wink

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hi, i tried to do the comparison but it came out as broken wire(as figure attached). please correct me if i'm wrong
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Several things wrong.


1.  You are comparing a 1-D string array to another with a greater than.  That won't do numerical comparisons, only alphabetical comparisons.

2.  You are taking that boolean wire and wiring it into the active cell property node, when you all ready have the cluster constant wired into it.  Thus the broken wires.  (Even without the constant, that wire would still be broken because you can't wire a boolean into a cluster.)

3.  Why are you using the build array function with concatenate inputs to turn a 1-D array into a 1-D array.  That is a no op.

4.  You also have unwired tunnels in your case structures.


Post your actual VI with some typical data saves as devaults in the controls, then we can work with your VI and modify it.



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I think you might want to spend some time with a good LabVIEW book or some tutorials. To just add to Raven's comments, all you had to do was place the comparison on the numeric inside the case where you are updating the table EVERYTHING you need is right there, including the row of the table.
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i attached together my VI here...thank you

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