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change sample/output rate of daqmx (PCI 6733 card) in mid-execution of write.

I would like to change the rate of output for a PCI 6733 card during the course of outputing the task. 


I have a sequence of output data, that have different timescales to needing to change them. Most of the sequence can be written out in 100 us increments (at a 10,000 rate) , but for a short while I'd like to be able to output at the max rate of the card (10 MHz), so in 100 ns increments. The problem with changing the entire sequence is it quickly becomes too large a task to write (the first part is >=10 seconds long of 100 us increments).


Is there anyway to do this? Or, perhaps seeing the need I have, do you have a suggestion for a different approach?



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I don't think you will be able to do this.


The best approach may be to create separate tasks and trigger the faster sampling on a specific event.





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