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change of program when add strain gages to a different chassis

Hi, Thomas,


Thanks for providing me with so much information. Last time I checked the max sample rate for each channel did depend on several factors, like different types of module, number of channels used, settling time ect. So I deleted extra channels that I am not gonna use in the testing. And from the specifications, I think the resolution and settling time can give me enough room to increase the sampling rate to 10k Hz.  And I tried, I can go up to 10k Hz right now, but got a warning message of " clock rate specified is so high that it violates the settling time requirements for the acquisistion", my time interval between two samples  is 0.0001s, which is larger than the minimum settling time defined. I don't know why this happened? And since the decrease of accuracy is about 0.012%, which is so small, does that mean I can ingore the warning?




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Hi Yuan,


If the decrease in accuracy is acceptable, then you're good!

Thomas N.
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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