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cdaq 9181 no supported devices found

Hi, I´m new to Labview and I have a CDaq 9181 with a NI 9201 module in it. I see the device fine in measurement and automation explorer and it gives a good result on the self test but I can not find it by using either daq assistant or by using the measurement I/O. I need help with how I can find the unit in Labview for programming. I have not got any sensors connected to it just now but the device is connected through ethernet to my computer. 


Please help.

Axel Sig.

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Try using one of the examples from Help->Find Examples.  Look for Hardware Input and Output and find an example that works with your module.


That will use the DAQmx API instead of the DAQ Assistant.  With that, you can type in the name of the device.  If it works with you typing the name in, we can see the issue is related to enumeration of devices.  If it doesn't work there, the problem is bigger than just enumeration.

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