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cannot find Communications

I'm attempting to run the quanser Qnet experiments with ELVIS I and Labview 2013.


I currently have ELVIS Traditional installed (NI ELVIS 3.0.7).  I also have NI ELVISmx 4.5 installed, which I think is just for ELVIS II.


When I load some of the quanser .VIs I receive the error cannot find NI ELVIS communications


Do I need to uninstall NI ELVISmx 4.5?


Should I see NI ELVIS Traditional in the NI max window? I currently do not.



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NI ELVIS 3.0.7 unfortunately is not supported by LabVIEW 2013. One option for you, may be to use LabVIEW 2012 and downconvert your VI's. NI ELVISmx 4.5 as you had mentioned is in fact meant to be used with NI ELVIS II. I have NI ELVIS 3.0.7 on my computer and it does not show up in NI-MAX. This link ( discusses support options for NI ELVIS I.

Matt P.
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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Thanks Matt,


Perhaps the Traditional driver set is no longer needed?


When running these experiments last year with LabView 2012, I always had to run the communications before running the experiment. Otherwise, the motors would have a voltage on them when powering up the experiment. For example, in the DC-motor experiment, the motor would spin violently the instant I would start it up.


However, I've been testing the experiments now with LabView 2013 and I havent had this problem.

Does this mean that the communications is no longer needed to use the ELVIS 1 when running with Labview 2013/2014?



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