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cannot communicate with fluke45 multimeter under serial control

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I am using the fluke "getting started vi" and the error says <ERR> Fluke 45 Initialize
The ID Query failed.  This may mean that
you selected the wrong instrument or
your instrument did not respond. 
You may also be using a model that is
not officially supported by this driver. 
If you are sure that you have selected
the correct instrument and it is
responding, try disabling the ID Query.

I have disabled the ID Query and I still get the same message.I have wired up the serial connector in the conventional way ,is there possibly an alternative wiring config.

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If you truly disabled the ID query, you would not be getting the same message. My guess is that you didn't place a false constant on the block diagram that calls the initialize function. You should at least perform the query in MAX to see what the instrument is actually returning and then compare that to what the initialize VI expects. It's probably a simple matter to change the initialize function.  Post the actual response and initialize function if you need help modifying it.
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I have gone into max & measure opened visa test panel

with the following result:-


 count 1024 return count 4 return status 0



buffer *IDN?\n return count 6 return status 0

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That is sort of interesting but does not really help you solve the problem. You need to look at the text returned and compare it to the expected text in the VI.
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I am not that familiar with the visa test panel so could you please be more specific how  I should use it  correctly.


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To be more specific where do i find the text returned option.


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The text returned is the text that is in the 'Buffer' box on the Read tab.


You can also test communication with a terminal emulation program such as Hyperterminal. Just type the command that requests the instrument to send back the identification information (i.e. *IDN?).

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Accepted by topic author pvdfpmma


Thank you for your help.The problem has been solved , the meter had been configured to even parity instead of none (parity bit 0).


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