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can we have 3 way vertical toggle switch

can we have 3 way vertical toggle switch, with unstable position at top, neutral position in center and stable position at bottom. the shape of the switch should be same as that of vertical toggle switch.
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If I understand you right, you want a boolean switch that has two mechanical actions depending on where it is pressed.

You want a latch action if pressed in the upper part and a switch action if pressed in the lower part.

This cannot be a simple control and would need some extra logic on the block diagram. You should be able to do this using a picture control. Simply sense where the image has been clicked, then switch image and boolean state accordingly.

Another possibility would be to make two rectangular buttons arranged vertically. Make the upper one latch action and the lower one switch action. Now import the desired images in the true and false states of each and make sure the images of the two buttons line up to give the appearance of one large switch extending over both buttons. Now add some logic on the diagram to get the desired output. (Real output is the OR of the two buttons, pressing the upper button while the lower one is on shoud turn the lower one off, etc.)

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I liked the idea of taking two controls and placing them close together with the back-end logic...I think it would best replicate the 3-way toggle. I too was wondering about a 3-way toggle recently and am putting in a product suggestion for one.

Another idea...not even close to look and feel of a toggle...would be an enum/ring control for 3 way selection.

Brett Burger
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National Instruments
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Just for cross reference about my suggestion of using two boolean controls:

A while ago, I posted a simple implementation example in another thread.

It seems to work well and I am pretty happy with the the look and feel. Smiley Very Happy

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There is an example of a 3 way switch here.

Not quite the full requirement.

Ray Farmer
Ray Farmer
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Here is mine. I had the same problem. I drew up a graphic in visio and pasted it into the ring control.
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just using the picture control, here is a handy 3 way for showing jumpers etc.

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