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can not test the usb utility for myrio

Hello, I Powered up the myrio and connected it through USB, but the pop up doesnt come up. I want to check the DIO of the myrio and do the utility test for usb. the myrio sample project can run and myrio kit is installed. When i go to the Ni-MAX /Tools /Create desktop pc USB utility drive it gives me an error that make sure usb is connect! Please advise what should I do ? Thanks
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That is for PC's that you want to have NI Real Time on. 

This is NOT for myRIO. 


Make sure that the myRIO is installed on your PC. Look under Device Manager. 


You can also look in NI MAX, to see if it has detected the myRIO.

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What exactly do you mean by utility test and check the DIO? If you want to verify your I/O is working properly, I would run some sample code in LabVIEW and then probe your I/O with measurement equipment. 

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