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can i open lvm file in a Pocket PC emulator?

Hi all, can i open lvm/xls file in a Pocket PC emulator? I keep getting an error msg...
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Perhaps you can provide a few more details. What program are you trying to open the lvm or xls file with? What error are you getting when you try to open the file?

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I'm trying to open the xls file transferred to the Pocket PC, via Pocket Excel. However, there's an error saying it could not be opened due to an invalid file format... 
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How did you create the XLS file?  What version of PocketPC do you have?  There are at least three versions of XLS that I know about and all versions of Pocket Excel are not guaranteed to open all of them.  Note that LVM is normally a standard tab separated text file, so Pocket Excel should open it.  Failing that, any text editor will open an LVM file.
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I'm using a Pocket PC emulator 2003. I changed the format of lvm file to xls file at the "Write to measurement file" properties function and i found out that it can only be opened if i change it to rtf format, using Pocket Word to open it. 
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The current version of Write To Measurement File only supports three file types - LVM, TDMS, and TDM.  The latter two are binary/XML formats that cannot be opened by Pocket Excel (although there are plug-ins which allow standard Excel to read them).  Use the original LVM format and Pocket Excel will be able to open it.  It is a tab-separated text format that is almost universally useable.
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Ya, i've tried lvm format before, unfortunately it can't be opened...Smiley Sad Could it be because it is an emulator?
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I was wrong.  It does not appear that PocketExcel will open an LVM file, at least not in Windows Mobile 2003 on my Dell Axim X50v.  However, there is a fairly easy workaround, if you have a copy of Excel (or OpenOffice, which is free).  Open the LVM file in Excel, save as an Excel binary (XLS) file, then drag the Excel file to your synch folder.  ActiveSync will convert the XLS file to pocket Excel format on transfer.  You can then open it in PocketExcel.  You can use ActiveX to save directly to an XLS file, or use the report toolkit to make your life a bit easier.

It is possible that you can do this, since I am a fairly new Windows Mobile user.  I tried a simple copy of the LVM file and tried changing the file extension to .txt.  I could not get PocketExcel to even look at it, although, as you mentioned, Pocket Word opened it with no problem.  Diving into the documentation did not help much either.  If anyone else having a bit more experience has a better solution, I would love to hear it.
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Alright, thanx 4 the info! Smiley Happy
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