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camera postion stuck, in 3D picture control


just following a tutorial on YouTube [], for setting objects in lab-view for simulation, doing the steps as stated. as program executes, the resultant spheres, ( which has been added to the 3D picture object, are very far out zoomed ) , done the following steps  to correct it,


1) seen online help of using "shift + drag" to correct it, but it's still no help,

2) changed camera position to : none and auto - redraw, still no help,

since i am new to this, it is request to state the measure to correct the problem and to avoid these problems.

Along with one question : how to add Co-ordinate axises ( or plane with translucent shades ) for reference to it, independent of any other objects, [ i.e. the axises shouldn't be affected by rotation, translation or objects ] in 3D picture object

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Update 1 : the problem regarding the camera extreme zoom out has been solved, by using new 3D picture control, but still, there should be way to debug initial problem. Right now, not sure, how to add independent 3D-Axises object in the 3D-picture control, which doesn't get affected by other objects.

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it's ok to cross-post, but please mention it :

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Antoine Chalons

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Apologies for inconvenience caused, but it is not showing edit options ( don't know why, might be due to restriction on number of edits and i used one edit before for adding additional information) that's why i used another post to update, : )

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You usually get a chance to edit your post for a short period (5-10 minutes) after initial creation, mostly meant for adding extra information and to fix typos. After that editing is disabled unless you ask an administrator specifically to get the editing capability restored for a certain amount of time and with a good reason. 

Rolf Kalbermatter
Averna BV
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