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callback function take user params from object sender

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int the rar packet i send u frist,  it has the dll and check application already. csCallxxdll is to call the dll in c#, to verify the dll correct or not. it show progress and result correct, I had verified already.


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Ah, didn't notice that.


In this thread they seem do try the same thing, with the same problems.


The resulting code explicitly implements an "intermediate .NET event", and seems to work.


Apparently LabVIEW can't deal with the event being expected from the class, but actually coming from the system eventhandler, or something like that.


EDIT: My C# knowledge isn't enough to use this info... Please let us know if you succeed (and how).

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Is there any further validation or problem solving?  

Could you please transfer me to another expert? He has been communicating with me before and has a clearer idea of what I want to know.

I don't know his name. His head looks like a fish.

I'm just curious, a little bit like a student who has to figure out what's going on

Thanks a lot.

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@guohuimao wrote:

His head looks like a fish.



Do you mean the avatar? I don't see a head that looks like a fish.


If you know the forum member you can try to PM her\him.


Click on the user, to get the profile. Then on the left there should be an option Send Private Message. I'd keep it short, maybe just point to this thread. PMs can be blocked...

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can u notice this problem to "tyk007"...take a look.

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Accepted by topic author guohuimao

@guohuimao wrote:

can u notice this problem to "tyk007"...take a look.

I don't know her\him...


You can try a PM:

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