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call of a WINAPI DLL with a struct

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I want to use the WINAPI SetCommTimeouts() function (winbase.h).

One parameter is a pointer to the COMMTIMEOUTS Struct.

I have defined a TypeDef a cluster with 5 U32 numbers, to correspond to the 5 DWORD of the CommTimeouts prototype. There should be no alignment issues as all members are DWORD, i.e. U32 in Labview, 4 bytes.

I have a program consisting of a simple CreateFileA(), SetCommTimeouts(), CloseHandle, all using kernell32.dll.

I have a 64 bit computer, with 32bit labview.


However, the SetCommTimeouts returns a modified structure with results different from what I set. Did I made anything wrong with the structure?

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It seems to work when I tried it. I did notice that the indicator had the radix set to hex whereas the input was decimal.

Note: It's best to try and post the full example that someone can try, so they don't have to waste time creating the setup (attached)

Using LV2018 32 bit

Highly recommended open source screen capture software (useful for bug reports).
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Yes, this works. Actually I have mistaken GetCommTimeouts instead of SetCommTimeouts!

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