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calendar for Italian and American computer

I create a .vi where there is the calendar control to insert the start and stop dates. Into a computer with Italian date format it works without any problem, but if it's installed into another computer with American date format it doesn't work. I try with different type of .vi (the original is Can anyone help me?

I append the .vi and .exe

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What is italian date format and american date format? (do i have an indian date format ?Smiley Indifferent )



When i ran the  "" i was getting the date shown in the string indicator as a day less than the actual selected date. And i figured out that its because that the UTC time format was selected (boolean connected to True). Once i made it false evrything is fine for me...




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I refer to computer date and number format (for date: Italian dd/mm/yyyy; American mm/dd/yyyy).

My problem it's no connect to UTS. The computer don't load the command to select the date. In the attached you can see another .vi I test and the error.

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I'm not sure I understand your problem.


I ran your vi and it seemed to do what you programmed it to do.


You will have to select your preference for the display format of the Time Stamp.  Right click on the Time Stamp control, select "Display Format...", and choose "Custom Date Format".


See images below:




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As you see in the attached my problem is to load the DTpicker. The Time Stamp Control runs correctly.
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Are you saying that you could not even see the calendar in the DTPicker?


If that's the case, it is strange, because I can pick a date even without running the VI.


Which version of LabVIEW are you using?  Can you show the Front Panel after you open the VI, and without running it? 


See screen captures of the Front Panel without running the VI.


Image 1:  Immediately after loading the VI.





Image 2:  Selecting a date without running the VI.




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