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cRIO Network Streaming problem



I'm working on a real-time measurement control project with cRIO.

I followed the example from the online course "Real-time 2" and used Network Streaming to pass commands.


Everything worked well and the program was doing what I expected when I was in debug mode.

However, after I complied the real-time application and deployed to the cRIO, the connection couldn't be setup between NS writer(UI side) and NS reader(cRIO side).

I thought it was caused by the complexity of my program. Then I created a simplest NS program only have NS writer and NS reader.

The same thing happened.  It worked in debug mode and stopped working after deployment.

BTW, cRIO is using a static IP address.


Did I miss anything else?


Thank you in advance.

Best Regards,



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Show your code (the simple one). Probably its just a simple mistake somewhere in creating network stream endpoints, but without the code its hard to say anything.

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Please check out the attachment.




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In your RT-Main, you close the Network Stream on Error in your "Receive Commands" case. After that you stay in "Receive commands" and never re-open the network stream.

Regards, Jens
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Thank you.

Acutally that was my mistake in the simpler version.

The other version was programmed correctly for the issue you pointed out.

I think it is someting else causing problem. 

In the completed version, I had a NS writer on the cRIO side to write error messages and the message will be read out on UI side.

It's really confusing why it works well under debugging mode but not after deployment.

I had it attached in case you want to take a look.

Thanks a lot.




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I found the problem.

The share variables were pointed to the address composed of cRIO name instead of IP address.

It wasn't because of Network Streaming issue.

I was too lazy to programmably access shared variables.


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