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cRIO FTP Deprecated


I was noticing on my cRIO that that the FTP software is "deprecated". What's the recommended approach for native file transfer to and from a cRIO? I don't think the Web Configuration Utility could be considered a complete replacement for a true FTP client.

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The note next to the installation window says that NI recommends WebDAV although I couldn't personally tell you the benefits of one over the other.

Matt J | National Instruments | CLA

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WebDAV is encrypted and FTP is not.  So NI has been taking the stance that FTP is not secure and therefore will be deprecated with the Linux RT systems.  WebDAV is the replacement.  I haven't tried to perform an SFTP yet through the SSH connection.  That is one of those things I want to try when I have some free time again.

See here for infor on setting up to use WebDAV: Using WebDAV to Transfer Files to Your Real-Time Target

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