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cRIO 9068 boots up in configuration mode - but shouldn't

Hi all,


I'm working on a cRIO-9068 target using the scan engin, which is set to start up in Active mode (via target's Properties).


The trouble is, it doesn't start up in active mode, but rather in configuration mode. There are no scan engine errors reported in the system manager, and I can just switch to active from there, no problems. Well, actually, the switch happens imediately, but the opdate on the DSM UI takes a long time to go through - maybe 20-30 secs before the light switches from 'Config' to 'Active'. Sometimes I need to do a manual refresh for it to pick up the change. 

There's no doubt it actually does start up in configuration mode, though.


It's not currently a big issue, since we're still developing - but eventually I'll need it to grow up and do as it's told 😉


Any and all suggestions are most welcome!

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I guess it was a mistake to say it's no big issue, huh?


Well, it is now. Please help me.

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Hi Ehlert,


Could you attach a screen shot of the System settings tab for the cRIO 9068 in MAX? That's usualy where you can edit the startup options



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