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cRIO 9025 Data Logging (128+ Channels at @ 1000Hz)


I have the following configuration:

(1) cRIO 9025 controller on a NI 9118 8-slot Virtex-5 FPGA chassis, loaded with AI/TC modules
(2) NI 9144 8-slot EtherCAT expansion chassis connected to the 9118 via EtherCAT, loaded with AI/TC modules

I have been tasked with recording data on ALL of these channels at 1000Hz. I have been toying with various types of software architectures and cannot come up with an optimal system. I would like to log data directly to the cRIO 9025's on-board storage (and later retrieve via FTP).

What is the best way to approach this? What type of architecture should I be using?

Any help is very appreciated. Thanks!

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Since I can't use one FPGA to access both chassis, I'm trying to create two FPGA VIs that use FIFOs back to the Host RT VI, which reads them in an alternating fasion and dumps to disk. Has anyone tried this?
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The only way to transfer data from the ethercat chasis is using user defined scan engine varaibles. You cannot use a DMA FIFO directly with an ethercat FPGA.

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As a Follow on-


I am planning to use LV-2010 & CRIO-9118 & 9025 (FPGA).


I am trying to daisy chain the systems(CRIO-9118/9025  - 3 or 4 of them) by EtherCAT for data acquisition.

I am aware if one of these system hangs, every body below  them will lose communication.


Does any one see an issue or problem with Daisy chaining, if so how much max (3, 4 more/less) using ECAT!








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Hi SR,


Take a look at this KnowledgeBase article, which you might find helpful.

Andy H.
National Instruments
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Thanks for the Tip.


Does this apply to Ether-CAT devices as well?

I am using 1-system = cRIO-9114(FPGA), CRIO-9024 controller.

Can I daisy chain  3 or 4 of these systems?








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Hi SR,


Unfortunately, you won't be able to daisy chain multiple 9024 controllers. As explained in this Developer Zone article, you can use a 9024 as a master with a series of 9144 slave chassis. If you're using multiple 9024s, you'll want to put them on on the same network and write a master application that communicates with all of the systems. Hope that helps.

Andy H.
National Instruments
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