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cDAQ-9184 (Ethernet) modules are not recognized after PC reboot

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Some colleagues face an annoying problem, and they asked me to help them. Their system: a cDAQ-9184 Ethernet chassis with two modules: NI9217 and NI 9211. OS: Win10 32bit. LabVIEW 2016, 32.


Every time they reboot the PC, the connection is lost to the modules. It seems the ethernet connection is OK between the chassis and the PC, but the chassis does not recognize the two modules. They were using DHCP settings, I changed this to static IP connection, but as I expected, this did not solve this problem.

Actually this is not a huge issue, but quite annoying: every time, if you need to reboot the PC, then you must open MAX, and click on the modules with the mouse. Magic: the chassis recognizes the modules now...


Can this annoying problem to be fixed somehow? See two screenshots below, the first what we see after reboot in MAX (our LV application of course reports error about the missing cDAQ modules), the second is when we click on the module entries in MAX, and they magically get recognized...





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please update the firmware from the cDAQ 9184.

An explanaition why this happend here.

The next what helps is to make a self test from the device in your software, then the modules will be detected.








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Thanks for the hints! When I have time, I will install the firmware, and also play with the DAQmx VIs. I will reply again when I have the results.

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We just had the time now to update the firmware. The old version was 14.0..., the new one was 17.0....

Since the firmware update, the cDAQ device works after Windows reboots just fine, no need for manual re-reserve in MAX...


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