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cDAQ-9181 not detected in MAX

I have NI device which I am trying to connect to in NIMAX however it just not getting connected to it or searched. But I see it running in NI Network browser with some random ip address which I can not ping. Hence I can't configure that device in Network browser either. 


Any Idea what's wrong? or if there is any utility to configure it? Or it's a NI-DAQ version problem. ??


I tried NI - MAX 5.1, 5.5 & 5.6 but no use, they all failed to detect it. 


Where I can download just the device drivers but not whole NI suite?



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Have you looked at the NI cDAQ-9181 quick start guide?








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Hi prabhushrikant-


Which version of NI-DAQmx are you using currently?  You can download the latest version here, but make sure first that it meets your O/S and LabVIEW (or other NI software) compatibility requirements.


What 'random ip' do you see in the network browser for the device?  What happens if you try to click on the link in the network browser?  Can you tell us more about the networking setup on your PC and network?  Do you have multiple NICs in the PC?  What are their networking settings set to (DHCP, static IP, etc)?

Tom W
National Instruments
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Well it was network problem from my side. The device was assigned static IP previously before connecting it to network. And the new network to which connected was also not Dynamic...or DHCP so it couldn't locate it when I used to do Find devices in NI MAX.


I got it resolved by changing the new network to Dynamic IP settings and then could detect newly added device and then changed its IP as required and changed the whole network to use static IP.


Thanks for the replies though. 

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