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button works after stop and run

I have a VI in which I have 3 switches for servo motor control which need to be turned on/off as per user requirement. After this stage, user has to click on the start calibration button to start the selected servo motors.


After the 3  switch input, when I press the start calibration button the process does not start. I have to stop the VI and run it once again and then the process starts. This is the problem.


Please help me to avoid the VI start and run procedure.


I have attached the VI here.


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Organize your tasks using the architecture options available with LabVIEW.  The problem is there are too many loops within single case which will lock your process and its obvious that the caliberation button does not work!!!.


Take a look into architecture options in LabVIEW to resolve this.

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Your Block diagram was so clumsy and u need to concentrate more on LabVIEW Basics for good programming practices.


1) There is no delay inside ur while loop it shoots ur CPU usage to maximum.

2) U wired a false constant to the while loop which makes ur loop to run indefinitely.

3) I dont know in which loop ur programme got stucked.



Find a small example.


Balaji PK (CLA)
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