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buffer size in a serial port



In a serial port (rs-232), is there a way of forcing the buffer to sent only one byte per while loop iteration?


When I get answers from the device (baud rate=19200), they have a maximum of 18 bytes and I want to read only one and then build myself the answer 


Please help me!!!

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Hi fadetobla…

There are some rules in this forum. Rule number one is be patient. You can not demand a answer after a short time. Rule number two is stick to one thread. Posting duplicate postings will not help. I  guess you are new to Labview, and that your program has some sort of flaw. If you post your VI(s), some in this forum may be able to help. But it is impossible to give you any help with your current problem description.

Continue here

Besides which, my opinion is that Express VIs Carthage must be destroyed deleted
(Sorry no Labview "brag list" so far)
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Sorry t06afre


Yes, I am new to the forum, but I thought that these were two different questions, since one is for the reading of the buffer and the other for the buffer size, but, ok, let's stick to the original post


Thanks again


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