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buffer problem?

Insert Time Delay.PNG


I'd recommend adding a Time Delay between your VISA Write and your VISA Read.

Unless you've a got a really slow instrument, I'd say 500 ms is probably plenty.



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so we tried a delay, wait, and timeout and the visa read still gives the problem. the write always sends it but the read sometimes doesn't respond. for the latest one we put a timeout of 30 sec. 

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if you can send a screen shot of this program (write, read) or have it compatible for labview 7 that would be great!

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Ugly front panel.  Replaced a stacked sequence with a flat sequence so that you can see all the frames then cleaned up.

Lack of error wires on some GPIB functions would cause a race condition.

Bad spelling.



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i was just wondering what the "pulse time" setting was ? 

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nevermind! just saw it on the front panel thanks!

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are they reading any data for this program?

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I'm having a similar problem with a Scilogex stir plate.  I am running a program to check the stir speed on the stir plate at given intervals.  Whatever interval I use, the program runs 40-150 times and then gives a timeout error, and the only way I know to fix it is to turn off and back on the stir plate.  I have the 50 ms delay suggested by Scilogex. Did you ever figure out what was causing the timeouts at random intervals?

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