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boolean refnum and property nodes

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Hi guys,


I've got a weird issue where if I create a property node and connect it to the refnum of a boolean I'm using in my subvi it comes up with variant as the data type.


Now normally I know that means that the boolean control is set to a latch rather than a switch state. However, even when I configure the refnum of the switch on the SubVI to 'Switch When Pressed' it still maintains a variant data type.


So bascially what i'm asking is, Is there any way to get the boolean data mode back when using these property nodes?


The main aim of this code is to be able to have a 'Stop Execution' button on the front panel and have that terminate the SubVI that will be running at the time and return to the main program no matter when that button is pressed.


The attached VIs are written in Labview 2012.


Cheers guys.

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Attached screen shot to include data type in the reference control of the SubVI.


You might have noticed a red dot on the subVI Boolean reference control Input node in the Main VI.


Also attached are the sub VI.


Hope this helps.



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Thank you for the help there mate.


As it turned out I'd come across the solution myself shortly after posting but hopefully that will push anyone else in the right direction should they get stuck similarly 🙂

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