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Hi, I'm working on a project which save the mesurement from differents instruments into Excel.

The values are from differents "oven" : dry, oil, Pelletier effect..


I'm communicating with the "oven" thanks to differents VIs. The operator, might enter his temperature's values into a board on the "face-front", and now is my problem.


When I send the board with the 5 values to FLUKE 9140 (the oven), he receive the data like this : 355075100200300 °C


But I want to send, for example, the first value (35 here), do the stabilisation, the measurement, send the differents mesures to Excel and then the next step is to rise the oven to 50°C and do the same chain (stab, measures, Excel...).


My question is, how can I just send the first value ? Then once the measures are saved, send the second value etc...


The VI is in the joined pieces.


Ps: sorry for my English, I'm French.



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Your English is much better than my French.  A French language Board is available, although I have no idea how active it is.


You want to take the first element from the Tableau de Enumeriques, send that to the oven, wait until the oven has stabilized, make a measurement, and then repeat the process for the next element.  Is this correct?


The best way to do that is to use a state machine.  Look at the Design Patterns and Templates which come with LabVIEW. From the Project menu choose Create Project...  then select Simple State Machine from the dialog which pops up.


You will create states for Set temperature, Wait for Stabilization, Measure, Save to File, and probably some others such as Initialize and Shut Down.


In the Set temperature state you will use Index Array to get the next element from the Tableau de Enumeriques, convert it to a string, and send it to the oven. You will also keep track of the next index in the array, probably in a shift register.




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Hi, thanks for the answer.


Yes you got it.

I found a solution yesterday, but i'm going to try your solution, it's maybe easier.


My VI is in the joined pieces.


Have a nice day.

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