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bluetooth device is not working in labview

i worked with simple bluetooth example program. i attached one screen shot of that problem is, i plugged my usb bluetooth device and i run this vi, but the 'create listener' function generates error 59. 'bluetooth discover' function does not returning me any nearby devices. The device is detected in device manager and it is working properly in other softwares. The problem is in labview only. i use windows XP sp2, labview 8.2.1 full development version. kindly anyone help me to fix this problem.
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Always do a search like this before posting here. Because many of the problems are already discussed. Post back if you have problems and the search won't help you. Thanks for your understanding.



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i already searched for solutions but there is no exact solution found for my problem. first i want to get my own device's name and address, it is not giving those details. i attached that vi's screenshot. tell me why this happens.
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What USB Bluetooth device are you using? (Make and device number)


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My USB bluetooth device details.

Manufacturer - Cambridge Silicon Radio

HCI version   - 2.0

HCI Revision  - C5C

LMP version  -  2.0

LMP revision  - C5C

MAC Id          - 00:18:E4:0B:B7:3B

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