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bandpass butterworth filter


I have implemented the high-pass butterworth filter. The o/p of the signal is correct. when I changed it to band-pass filter. The o/p just disappears.

The filter type is changed from high-pass to band-pass by changing 1to 0 in the filter-type of Butterworth

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At least in the version of Butterworth that I found, filtertype for highpass is 1 and bandpass is 2

using LV2017SP1
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yes sir, for type 1 i.e. highpass, the output is the processed signal. but when type 2 i.e. bandpass id applied, the output is not visible on the waveform graph

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It would be much easier to tell what is going on in your VI if you had actually attached your VI to the post.  Include your data as a constant in the block diagram, or as a control where the values are saved as default before saving and attaching.

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