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bacnet mstp



Is there a way to use labview to communicate with a mstp bacnet network?


I want to see the devices and the object of these devices.

Also, I want to interact, so I want to read present value and change values if necessary.




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Yes, I already download this library!

My concern
Is documentation and examples! I found an example but it's for rio so missing stuff to be able to test it!!!

Any suggestion?! I know there is a documentation no time yet to open it (sorry)
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I check the documenation, and it's not very clear!


From what I see, there is no way to make some auto detect of the device on the network and then the object list of the detected device!!



If yes, I would like to know how to do it using the ovak subVi!!




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Have you tried contacting Ovak Technologies? The library is their product, so they should provide support for their product.





William R.
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Hi there!


I am responsible for the toolkit at Ovak Technologies. Thanks guys for pointing us and thank you for downloading the toolkit. 


Unfortunately, the current toolkit supports BACnet MSTP, BACnet Smart Sensor profile and "Device", "Analog Input" objects. So a device running the toolkit will be able only to send BACnet data. Object discovery in not implemented here as well.


Meanwhile, we are working on BACnet/IP toolkit now, which will support BIBBS required for B-ASC (BACnet Application Specific Controller) device profile (please see attached) according to ASHRAE 135-2012. This version of the toolkit will be able to read/write BACnet values from devices in the building control systems and discover objects of connected devices as well. 


Could you please send me an email to the following address:

and I'll provide example code for host PC and not for cRIO.


Thank you,
Khachik Sahakyan, CLA
123 Hovsep Emin Street 0051 Yerevan, ARMENIA
Tel. +37410219768
Fax. +37410219772


Thank you,
Khachik Sahakyan | CLA
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I am interested in knowing if anyone is currently using the MSTP package and what problems if any you have had with it.


I tried downloading the example and it still requires some FPGA board to simulate a simple UART.  The source code appears locked so there is no way to try it out.  Is the source code included with the purchased package or is it still locked?


Do they require the FPGA or allow you to target any hardware supported by LabVIEW?


What sort of documentation does it come with?  The demo included a few pages but nothing detailed.

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Hey old_fart,


I noticed that this is a bit of an older post. I would recommend both making a new post (so it gets more visibility) and also reaching out to Ovak Technologies for more information about the MSTP package!

Applications Engineering
National Instruments
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