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autoscale axis x/time and write comment

hello to all of this community forgiveness for my English, but I'm quite difficult with this program, I can not adjust the scale of the x-axis while the sample was taken, I put the Auto scale x-axis, but it gives me two hours intervals Here is a picture of the program and the file I'm trying to read and another question is how to record a comment in the same file, since as seen in figure 2, I have to create two path to read separately.


Thanks for the help

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I forgot. You also need to make a hysteresis of the next image, the red circle where there is a "dead zone" between 4-5.



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Puedes explicar mejor su duda?? Puedes escribir en español.


Cordiales Saludos.


Luciano Borges

National Instruments Brazil



Luciano Borges
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