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auto size mixed signal graph

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This seems simple, but is there an option that will auto fit all the graphs on my Mixed Signal Graph to the size of my VI? For example, if I increase and decrease the size, the graphs remain a constant size and I would have to scroll to see them. Second, I would like all the graphs to have the same vertical height, instead of me manually dragging the divider to try and make them all equally sized?


Being able to right click and equally space all graphs and auto fit all graphs would be handy! I just cant find the option for it. 


Picture attached showing the spacing I am talking about. 



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This can be done programmatically with property nodes.  The trick is that we have to use two different property nodes to do it.


We first have to set whichever plot we want to change to be the active plot using the Active Plot Area property node.  We can then set the bounds for that plot using the Plot Area Size property node, which is found under Plot Area>>Size.




Good luck!

Jeff S.
National Instruments
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Perfect - thank you sir. 

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