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auto erase textbox data


    i have a problem regard textboxes that always displays the entered numbers once if you entered any number in that. I would like to display two buttons like send and clear(textboxes). if i press send it has to send the data(which i have entered in textboxes) to communicating device and if erase is pressed all the dta should be clear in the textboxes. Also, if i press send then it has to deliver the data and next it should erase it self by representing zeros in all textboxes.


       Can any one help me?

 Using labview8.5 and see the attachment for VI.

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You have no send or clear buttons or textboxes.


You keep asking for people to do your homework for you. That is not what this forum is for. Have you even done the basic tutorial?

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Why you people are very ready to say the answers irrelavant to the topic. I know about me that i have poor knowldge in Labview and programming. I keep on trying my self to get into labview more quickly rather what you expecting. If some one looking for big help in dead situation, may be you people will tell to read whole available books on LAbview. Its really time waste for me like this. may be this is the last message in this forums.


                     Thank you for NI. Good Bye.



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Actually, you've already been given numerous suggestions on resource material, like on the second page of one of your previous threads: . You can also learn more about LabVIEW by going through the introduction material, tutorial(s), and other material in the NI Developer Zone's Learning Center which provides links to other materials and other tutorials. You can also take the online courses for free.


As for your specific issue, while you can use a while loop, you should consider using an event structure, as Dennis suggested, in your other thread.  Did you look at the examples? In your case you can wire a value to the Timeout input of the event structure so that the read occurs during the Timeout (i.e., when the user presses no buttons). Then you can have events for your "Send" and "Erase". The actual operation in your case is very simple. For Send you're just going to use VISA Write. For Erase you're just going to write a zero to the indicators. You can use local variables in your case as it will be safe to do so without risking a race condition. Note: your "textboxes" are currently controls, but I believe these should be indicators.

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